After studying design at Gobelins Paris (France) and several experiences as a project leader, my journey has instinctively turned to user experience design as a freelancer with Weinto. Since then I change hats on a daily basis between UX design, web development, sys admin, security advocate and more. I also blog and participate to a bunch of Slack teams, like Sweet Koala. I've lived around the world like Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia, France and Malta.

Things I'm doing

  • UX design, web development
  • Cyber-security and system administration (devops)
  • Travel and remote work
  • I keep learning, driven by curiosity

Working at Weinto.

Feel free to reach out

The best ways to contact me are:

  • email:
  • matrix:
  • skype: nicolas.bages

You can also find me on Gitlab, Github, Linkedin et Twitter.

Some of my current topic and interests

  • Making all sorts of things with Raspebrry Pi
  • Reading about design and business
  • Thinking about privacy, how to protect it and its challenges

I'm always happy to work with Sweet Koala when I'm not travelling around the world to meet them.