A quick introduction

Why, what and how?

My long term travels started by Australia and a van in 2008. The experience I had there changed my life forever. I can’t stop thinking that we have so much to see, so much to live, so much to experience and finally so much to learn about ourself as well as about the world.

I wanted to learn and to work so I started by a point. I drew a route on the globe by being looking for a life purpose and my future; while learning about myself as much as I learned about others. Today I have the feeling that I found a lot but guess what!? It makes me want to explore even more.

I travel for persuing the silence needed to look at an inner self. I travel for the lights and the smells. I travel to understand and to be understood. I don’t travel for a map. Not anymore.

We hear many saying “I travel to meet people, to talk to people” like they are going to the zoo to watch locals like we watch animals in cages. I like to be the foreigner :)

I travel to observe people and the nature facing their daily life to find ways to improve ours.

As a UX designer, I apply the methods and processes I use every day to find new ideas and new solutions - solving new problems. It’s amazing how impressive it is to discover a new point of view.

On top of that you might think I did everything by myself. Travels are made of unexpected encounters even though I figured out that everything happens when you need it. I couldn’t say “I did this” without mentioning and thanking everyone I met on the road. Without human interactions I think I’d still be trying to find who I am.

That’s why I’d love to meet you, your friends, your family, your work, your hobbies or everything you’d like to share! Feel free to drop a message if you think we have something to share. Send me a place to go :)

Be careful anyway. We could become friends!


For those who ask how many countries I traveled : 36 so far.

[EDIT: 2021-05-12] The actual list has it's own page

How about the photo?

The cover? Ahah! Well, it wouldn’t be an introduction without introducing myself so, I took the first picture I found with a funny background story because I don’t want this blog to be too serious!

It was one of the funniest haircut I ever had. I really needed it so my friends Milka & Patrick drove me to a mall in Cebu, Philippines.

The guy did it without shampoo, actually without water either. Anyhow, I had the feeling to be a VIP getting ready for a talk show :p

He started by having a look at my hair implantation then he started to cut everything with a razor. Yeah, not the electric razor but a straight one. I never had such a precise and cleanhair cut even though the final looked more like a perfect Playmobil than a publicly correct hair style.

Well, I had a great massage before leaving and and went to fix my hair in a rearview.